The UMFA constitution provides that the Regular Membership of the Association, duly assemble in a properly called general meeting of the Association, is the highest authority for deciding the policies and managing the affairs of UMFA. The Regular Membership, assembled in a meeting, decides on the general priorities for contract negotiations and on the Association’s budget and organizational priorities.

The Board of Representatives is elected from and by membership constituencies to manage the affairs of UMFA, subject to the direction or approval of general meetings of the Association. The Board adopts policy, appoints committees and the Executive Council (except for the President and Vice-President who are elected by the membership), considers recommendations to general meetings, and oversees the work of the Executive Council.

The Executive Council comprises the President, Vice-President, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, Grievance Officer, and Contract Administrator, together with other members appointed by the Board of Representatives. The Executive Council manages the affairs of UMFA between meetings of the Board, provides recommendations to the Board and membership on issues before the Association, and implements the Board’s resolutions. The Executive Council is also charged with determining whether UMFA will proceed to arbitration in grievances.