November 9, 2021
Honorable Audrey Gordon
Minister of Health and Seniors Care
Minister of Mental Health, Wellness & Recovery Legislative Assembly of Manitoba

Dear Minister Gordon,

We are writing to you, as nurse educators responsible for educating the thousands of nurses on the
front lines, in community and mental health agencies, public health and senior health care
administration.  As members of the University of Manitoba Faculty Association (UMFA) at the
University of Manitoba, we have joined the strike asking for non-interference of the provincial
government in the bargaining process and fair compensation for our essential work.

The UMFA strike affects all workforce sectors, in particular, the health care sector. The College
of Nursing's 54 faculty members educate the largest number of nursing students in the province,
with an intake of 120 students twice a year to a 4-year program. Each year, over 200 graduate
nurses from the University of Manitoba enter the health care system with the competencies to
provide high quality nursing care to Manitobans. This strike, if prolonged, will delay the
graduation of approximately 110 nursing students in Spring 2022, adding more strain to the severe
nursing shortage that exists in Manitoba.

We are aware of several faculty members at the College of Nursing who are planning to retire early
or leave the university to accept positions in institutions offering better salaries. In the past
two years, 15% of our faculty have retired or left the College. Nursing instructors and assistant
professors earn salaries that are less than general duty nurses. Faculty on the picket lines are
walking not only to improve their salary but, more importantly, to create a salary scale that will
attract new faculty and retain current faculty who can step up to the challenge of preparing nurses
for a health care system in crisis due to the nursing shortage, a pandemic, and increasing
interpersonal violence and moral distress on the frontline.

This summer, the provincial government called on the College of Nursing to expand its enrolment by
an additional 120 students as a strategy to address the growing nursing shortage in Manitoba. This
program expansion can only be delivered if the College of Nursing can recruit qualified new faculty
and retain experienced faculty who are fairly compensated for their work.

We ask you as Minister of Health and Seniors Care to confer with Premier Stefanson, Minister Ewasko
(Advanced Education, Skills and Immigration), and Minster Fielding (Finance) of the Legislative
Assembly of Manitoba to seek a timely resolution to the bargaining issues between UMFA and the
University of Manitoba in the spirit of fairness and non-interference from government.

Katie de Leon RN, MN Instructor II

Lynda Balneaves, RN, PhD Associate Professor

Jennifer Dunsford, RN, MN, MPA Instructor II

Donalda Wotton, RN, MN Instructor II

Darlene Pierce, DNP, RN, NP Instructor II

Lisa Timmerman, RN, MN Instructor II

Barb Goodwin, RN, BA, MN Instructor II

Josie Bolianatz, RN, MN Instructor II

Francine Laurencelle, RN, MEd, DHA Senior Instructor

Vanessa Van Bewer, RN, PhD Assistant Professor

Jamie Penner, RN, PhD(c) Assistant Professor

Barbara Tallman, RN, PhD Instructor II

Angela Thable, RN (NP), MN Instructor II

Chen Jin, RN, MN Instructor II

Danielle Yaffe, RN, MN Instructor II

Barbara Rose-Lovett, RN, MN Instructor II

Lisa Banman, RN, MN Instructor II

Vladan Protudjer, RN, BN, MMEd Instructor II

Marnie Kramer, RN, PhD Assistant Professor

Em Pijl, RN, PhD Assistant Professor

Michelle Lobchuk, RN, PhD Associate Professor

Vanessa Bailon, RN, BN, Nurse Practitioner Student, Co-Chair Graduate Nursing Student Association (GNSA)

Gillian Laninga, Senior Stick, Nursing Student Association (NSA)

Gieselle Ortilla, Vice Stick, Nursing Student Association (NSA)

Genevieve Thompson, RN, PhD, CHPCN(c) Associate Professor

Kimberly Workum, RN, BScN, MEd Senior Instructor

Sonia Udod, RN, PhD Assistant Professor

Winnifred Briscoe RN, MN Instructor II

Lori Sookram RN MSN Instructor II

Annette Schultz, RN, PhD Professor

Kimberley MacKay, RN (RN), MN Instructor II

Sufia Turner, RN, MN, CCSNE Instructor II

Linda Townsend, RN, MN Instructor II

Rhonda Dube, RN, MN Instructor II

Christa DeGagne RN, BN, MEd Instructor l

Noah Gatzke, RN (NP), MN Instructor II

Christina West, RN, PhD Associate Professor

Susan Wintoniw, RM, RN, MN Instructor II

Ashley Markowsky, RN (NP), MN Instructor II

Daniel A. Nagel, RN, PhD Assistant Professor